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Faith Family Freedom Just Walk With Me 4000 Crosses So Long To Goodbyes
Faith, Family, Freedom
An inspiring collection from Wayne Carroll and Simeon Amburgey. You will be challenged in your faith and be reminded of the wonderful freedoms we enjoy in our beloved country. You might even have a laugh or two.
Just Walk With Me
We all have had times of loss. This project brings songs of hope and encouragement to those walking in the shadow of loneliness. It reminds us that we are never truly walking alone and that the Lord desires us to invite Him along to walk with us.
4000 Crosses
When you think that each of the 4000 crosses represents an unborn life lost to abortion each day it breaks your heart. This project brings you passionate pro-life themes to challenge you to pray as well as participate in the cause of the unborn.
So Long To Goodbyes
We all look for the day when we are in the presence of the Lord. This project might just be the next best thing until we get there. The songs presented here will encourage you to keep pressing forward until we see our precious Savior face to face.
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